Fans of TLC’s Little People, Big World (LPBW) are aware that Matt Roloff and his fiancée Caryn Chandler are currently building their dream home on Roloff Farms. However, the question remains: Where are they living during the construction process? Recent revelations from Caryn Chandler’s son, Connor, shed light on their unexpected living situation, leaving LPBW fans intrigued.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Connor shared surprising details about his mother’s current living arrangements. Shockingly, Caryn Chandler is currently residing in Matt’s double-wide trailer on the farm.

According to Connor, Caryn and Matt primarily split their time between their Arizona house and the farm, staying in the well-known double-wide trailer until their new house is completed.

Connor himself is temporarily living in his mother’s owned house while he figures out his own path in life. He mentioned that his mother doesn’t spend much time at the house anymore, as she is happily enjoying life with her future husband, Matt.

While Matt Roloff residing in the double-wide trailer during construction may not be a shocking revelation to LPBW viewers, the surprising aspect is Caryn Chandler willingly considering it her home as well.

Throughout her time on the show, Caryn has faced criticism from some fans who perceived her as a gold-digger, speculating that she was after Matt’s wealth. Additionally, there have been claims that she played a role in pushing Matt’s children out of the picture to secure Roloff Farms for her own children. Given these perceptions, many fans find it difficult to imagine Caryn comfortably living in a trailer with Matt.

It is important to note that not everyone holds negative views about Caryn Chandler. There are many supportive fans who believe she is a perfect match for Matt. However, even some of her supporters struggle to envision her being content or at ease in a trailer, regardless of its temporary nature.

As the construction of their new home progresses, LPBW fans eagerly anticipate updates on Caryn and Matt’s living situation, hoping for a glimpse into their future together.

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