Robyn Brown’s portrayal in Season 18 of TLC’s Sister Wives was anticipated to showcase her as a more vocal and assertive individual who wouldn’t sit idly by. However, fans of the show have been less than impressed with her words and are tired of her constant emotional outbursts.

In a recent episode, Robyn became hysterical while expressing her feelings of exclusion by Kody’s other wives and children. Even Kody himself admitted that Meri was the only one who truly welcomed Robyn and her children into the family.

On Reddit, fans of Sister Wives have pointed out a significant flaw in Robyn’s current victim narrative – she fired the first shot. Did Robyn’s actions make it easier for the children and other wives to exclude her? Should she take responsibility? Let’s delve into the details.

One notable incident was when Robyn had a portrait made featuring Kody and her three oldest children. However, fans were shocked to discover that Robyn used a family portrait of Christine’s to create this artwork. It was clear that Robyn intentionally excluded Kody’s other wives and children from the picture.

Fans agreed that this portrait served as evidence that Robyn initiated the exclusion, leaving the door open for her sister wives to follow suit.

In a Reddit thread from a year ago, fans of TLC’s Sister Wives unanimously agreed that creating the portrait was a mistake. They believed Robyn should have used a recent photo instead of creating a deceptive image of Kody with only her children. Many fans found the photo to be deeply disrespectful to the children’s father, who had been actively involved in their lives when they were young.

Here are some of the comments fans made regarding the portrait and Robyn’s poor choice:

“It’s very telling that she excluded all the other kids and wives from the picture… just Kody.”
“This picture was a passive-aggressive move from Robyn to Christine. She essentially erased Christine’s family.”
“This is the most appalling thing I’ve ever seen a mother do. This is definitive proof that she had absolutely no respect for Christine. She literally stole Christine’s husband and her children’s father.”

Overall, fans agreed that the portrait revealed Robyn’s true character, and they urged her to stop playing the victim card, as it was not convincing anyone.

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