In recent times, fans of OutDaughtered have expressed increased criticism towards Adam and Danielle Busby, the stars of the TLC show. This shift in public sentiment has left many wondering why the couple, who were once widely popular, are now being slammed by viewers. Here are some possible reasons behind the current wave of criticism:

Fans eagerly awaited Season 9 of OutDaughtered, but the show went on an extended hiatus, leaving viewers in the dark. The lack of updates and delays in providing information about the show’s return frustrated fans. When the announcement finally came, Adam and Danielle admitted they were unsure if they would return, contradicting their previous assurance of a comeback after a year off. This inconsistency led to accusations of dishonesty and fueled negative sentiments towards the couple.

The news that Adam and Danielle had renegotiated their roles and now had a larger role in producing the show raised eyebrows among some viewers. Critics felt that they were exploiting their six daughters for financial gain. As the Busby quints have grown older, the need for assistance in raising them has diminished, resulting in fewer appearances from beloved family members like Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki. This downsizing disappointed fans who enjoyed their presence on the show.

Danielle’s mother, who was previously a part of the show, has been absent for an extended period. This absence led to speculations and concerns among fans, with some even fearing that she had passed away. The uncertainty surrounding her departure sparked conversations and further contributed to the negative atmosphere surrounding Adam and Danielle.

The rise of social media platforms like Reddit has provided a space for fans to discuss and critique reality TV stars, often leading to snarky and negative comments. Some fans noted that Reddit, in particular, tends to amplify the worst aspects of individuals and relationships. Spending time on such platforms can fuel bitterness and negativity, impacting viewers’ overall perception of the show and its stars.

It has become somewhat trendy to roast and criticize reality TV stars on social media platforms. This trend may stem from a desire to find flaws and highlight them, as well as a general culture of negativity prevalent in online communities. One or two negative posts can quickly snowball into a tidal wave of trolling, affecting the mental health of both the stars and their fans.

In conclusion, the current criticism towards Adam and Danielle Busby may arise from a combination of extended hiatus, communication issues, perceptions of exploitation, the absence of beloved supporting cast members, and the overall trend of roasting reality TV stars on social media. Understanding these factors can shed light on the evolving dynamics between the Busbys and their audience.

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