While My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans will undoubtedly miss Babs Thore, Whitney Way Thore believes that her father, Glenn Thore, will be able to carve out his own place on the show. As the family navigates life without Babs, Glenn is expected to receive significant screen time in the upcoming season.

Whitney acknowledges the significant role Babs played on the show and jokes that the series was a platform for her mother to be introduced to the world. With Babs’ passing, Whitney told her father that he has big shoes to fill, but she believes he has risen to the occasion.

According to Whitney, Glenn possesses a different brand of humor compared to Babs, but he still brings a lot to the table. In Season 11, viewers will witness Whitney and her brother Hunter’s efforts to uplift their father in the aftermath of Babs’ death.

Losing a spouse can be an incredibly challenging and emotionally draining experience, and Glenn had expressed that he didn’t want to live without Babs. To support him, Whitney and Hunter took action. Season 11 will focus on taking care of Glenn and helping him create a bucket list. The audience will witness a new side of Glenn, as he undergoes a rebranding as GT and emerges as a transformed individual.

While the premiere of Season 11 will undoubtedly be emotionally difficult for viewers, as it opens with Babs’ passing and funeral, fans will have the opportunity to witness the Thore family adjusting to their new reality. As the season progresses, fans may find themselves growing fond of Glenn, just as they did with Babs.

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