Are The Little Couple stars Jen Arnold and Bill Klein’s relatives safe after the hurricane in Florida? Concerned fans have been wondering about the well-being of the Arnold-Klein family and their loved ones in the aftermath of the storm. Thankfully, updates have been provided to ease their worries. Read on for more information.

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein’s immediate family do not reside in Florida, but they have extended family members who do. It’s worth noting that Jen and Bill, along with their two children, relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, in August of the previous year. They have embraced their new life in the Boston area, but they do miss their family and friends back in Florida.

Recently, Jen Arnold traveled with the kids to Florida to spend time with their loved ones, while Bill stayed in Boston due to his back issues. Fortunately, they returned safely just before the hurricane made landfall.

Jen took to Instagram to provide an update on her family and friends who are still in Florida. She expressed gratitude that everyone is safe and mentioned the devastating flooding caused by the hurricane. In her post, she included the hashtag #StPetersburg, indicating her hometown.

Accompanying her message, Jen shared a photo of her children, Will and Zoey, posing in front of a large flamingo statue at the airport in Florida. It is likely that the picture was taken during their recent vacation.

Fans of The Little Couple expressed their relief and appreciation for Jen’s update in the comments section of her post. They had been concerned about the Arnold-Klein family and were relieved to hear that they were unharmed. Many followers also offered prayers and support not only to Jen’s friends and family but also to those affected by the hurricane.

Hopefully, Jen will continue to provide updates on the situation in her hometown and the ongoing effects of the hurricane.

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