Being a parent is undoubtedly challenging, and when you have a large family like the Busbys from Outdaughtered, the difficulties multiply exponentially. In a video discussion with, Adam and Danielle Busby shared some of the additional struggles they face as parents of six children, including a set of quintuplets.

The Busbys gained fame by allowing the world to witness their daily lives and the unique challenges of raising quints along with their older daughter. The reality series documented Adam and Danielle Busby navigating the complexities of parenting Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, and Riley, while also taking care of their older daughter, Blayke. Learning they were expecting not one, but five babies turned their world upside down. However, they graciously opened their home and hearts to fans, allowing them to experience the love, fun, and chaos that come with a bundle of babies. It’s no surprise that when the show concluded after eight seasons, fans were saddened to see them go.

The announcement of the Busby family’s return to television brought immense joy to their fans. While there were debates about their comeback, the decision ultimately involved the kids, who surprisingly missed being on camera. Adam explained that the children began to understand that if they wanted to see themselves on TV, they needed to film their daily lives. Thus, it was a unanimous decision to bring the cameras back.

However, along the way, the Busbys faced criticism. The couple often distances themselves from hateful comments, choosing to block and delete those who try to rob them of joy in life. Adam mentioned that they evaluate whether the criticism is simply coming from unhappy individuals or if it’s a legitimate accusation. In the latter case, they are willing to respond and defend themselves, explaining their point of view. However, if it’s baseless negativity, they prefer to remove it from their lives.

Managing the household duties with a large family is a constant challenge for the Busbys. In the interview, Danielle humorously admitted that they still feel overwhelmed all the time. With six kids, they often look around and realize the magnitude of their responsibilities. Danielle acknowledged that life can still be overwhelming, but they have learned to go with the flow and do what they can in the moment. As Danielle put it, “We can only do so much, and we are outnumbered. We’re out daughtered!”

Raising a big family comes with significant costs. Adam revealed that they spend $800 to $1,000 per week on groceries alone, considering everything needed for sports activities and packed lunches. It’s no wonder the couple shared a laugh when asked about laundry day. Adam jokingly remarked that their household chores are never-ending, while Danielle sarcastically added that every day is laundry day, with loads needing attention every hour.

The Busbys’ relatable experiences with the financial and logistical challenges of raising a large family resonate with many people. Their story prompts reflection on the demands and joys of parenting in such circumstances.

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