It has been speculated that the Sister Wives couple, Kody and Robyn Brown, may have expensive assets that they have not fully disclosed. Despite claiming financial constraints and not having enough money to pay off Coyote Pass, recent revelations have led to questions about their financial situation. Janelle Brown, Kody’s former second wife, has disputed the family’s claim of financial limitations. Additionally, Kody has been seen with lavish cars, while Robyn has allegedly indulged in a shopping addiction. These factors have raised suspicions about the couple’s true financial status.

Kody often highlights his and Robyn’s nice home, which was acquired with the assistance of his other wives who have since left the family. While Robyn initially rented in Flagstaff, Kody insisted on buying a home, even though she preferred to continue renting. Meri and Janelle were still renting at the time, while Christine had already purchased her own home. Although Christine used family money for the down payment, she solely made the monthly mortgage payments.

Robyn’s home is described as massive, exceeding their needs but keeping Kody satisfied. Apart from their home and Kody’s luxury sports cars, there are indications that the couple possesses other expensive assets. According to a Reddit thread, Robyn has an artwork collection worth approximately $20,000, featuring pieces from a Russian artist. A screenshot of the children looking at the art in one room of the house was shared, followed by more pictures of the actual art pieces and their price tags.

Fans and Redditors immediately reacted to this lavish and seemingly unnecessary purchase. Some criticized the artwork, comparing it to “Thomas Kinkade does surrealism” or something one would find at a hotel ballroom art sale near an airport. The purchase was seen as a waste of money and did not resonate with the Reddit community.

The revelation of these expensive assets sparked further outrage among Redditors. They expressed frustration that money was being concealed as art and speculated about other potential ways Kody might be hiding money from his other wives. The fact that Robyn does not allow filming at her house was also brought up. One Redditor expressed hope that the other wives would discover this post and become aware of the situation.

Overall, the discovery of these expensive assets, particularly the artwork collection, has led to criticism and concern among fans and Redditors, especially considering the family’s previous financial struggles and the near loss of Coyote Pass.

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