The future of Tori and Zach Roloff’s involvement in the TLC show “Little People, Big World” has been a topic of speculation among viewers. According to Connor, the son of Caryn Chandler, there is a possibility that they won’t be filming for the show. However, Tori’s recent social media posts seem to suggest a different narrative.

There have been ongoing tensions between Zach and Matt Roloff, particularly regarding the issue of buying a portion of the farm. This led to criticism of Zach and Tori, as well as Caryn, who sided with Matt and faced backlash. Rumors circulated that Caryn refused to appear on the show again. In Season 24, there appeared to be awkwardness between Matt and his adult son when they met Josiah, the newborn brother of Jackson and Lilah. Recent leaks suggest that the estrangement between them continues.

In a social media Q&A in July, Tori and Zach discussed their future with the show. Tori mentioned that their time on the show is coming to a close but that they are trying to enjoy it while it lasts. Some viewers interpreted this as a sign that the show might end soon but that they were still filming for Season 25. However, Connor, Caryn’s son, seems to believe otherwise.

According to Connor, Tori and Zach may have already quit the show. He stated, “I do believe no matter whether there’s a continuance or not, [they] probably will not be seen on the next season.” Interestingly, Connor also claimed that Caryn has been filming. He added that it could be the last season and that there is strain between the kids and Caryn and Matt, who rarely see them. He heard through the grapevine that Tori and Zach don’t want to be on another season if the show continues and that they want to do their own thing.

While it’s possible that Zach Roloff has decided to quit the show before the next season, Tori’s Instagram stories showed a camera crew member filming the kids at the beach in June. This suggests that they may have filmed for a future season unless they hired their own crew for their own show.

It is uncertain if Season 25 of “Little People, Big World” will be the end of the road for the show. However, it seems more likely than Zach and Tori quitting ahead of it. The alleged estrangement between Matt and his grandchildren due to his son’s attitude is a source of sadness for some viewers.

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