Christine Brown, one of the stars of Sister Wives, became the first wife to end her marriage with Kody Brown, as viewers witnessed last season. This season, two more wives will follow suit. Finally, on the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Christine reveals the reason behind the end of her marriage with Kody.

In a preview for the next episode, Kody is seen discussing polygamy with three of his friends, where he reveals something Christine had told him, shedding light on why their marriage was destined to fail. Kody explains that he spends one night a week with his friends, a break from his wives that Robyn refers to as his “guy time” and Janelle calls “Testosterone Tuesday.” These nights were more frequent when they lived in Utah. During one of these nights, Kody opens up about Christine.

In an exclusive preview shared by US Weekly, Kody mentions that during a conversation about their problems, Christine declared that she “hated polygamy.” Kody sees this as the moment of disconnection and admits that he didn’t respond well at the time. He acknowledges that he should have expressed understanding and love for Christine’s struggles, rather than lashing out. Instead, he reacted harshly, saying, “What the hell? You wouldn’t have a family, you wouldn’t have me, you wouldn’t have our children.”

On the current season of Sister Wives, Christine appears to be in a better place. While she is the only wife who has officially left, it is known among fans that both Meri and Janelle are also heading towards the exit. Christine continues to be a part of the show and provides support to Kody’s remaining wives. She recently got engaged to David Woolley, who proposed to her earlier this year, just over a year after Christine announced her decision to leave Kody in November 2021.

Christine’s departure from the marriage has allowed her to find happiness, and she appears to be content with her new relationship. While she remains connected to the Sister Wives dynamic, she has moved forward and left the past behind.

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