The Arnold-Klein family from The Little Couple has welcomed a new adorable addition that has fans swooning. Over the years, fans have witnessed the family’s growth as Bill and Jen adopted two children, Will and Zoey, who are now in fifth and seventh grade. They also had two dogs named Maggie and Rocky, but sadly said goodbye to Rocky. However, they recently expanded their furry family with two new puppies named Oreo and Sammi. And now, there’s another new member joining the crew.

Jen Arnold took to Instagram on Monday to share a video featuring her daughter, Zoey, and the latest addition to the family. She revealed that the newest member is Zoey’s roommate.

Zoey was given permission by her parents to adopt a Netherland dwarf bunny, and she fittingly named her new pet Chocolate. In the video, Zoey excitedly introduces Chocolate to fans, mentioning that the bunny is approximately eight months old. Zoey appears completely smitten with her new furry friend and proudly shares the news with her followers.

Fans of The Little Couple are absolutely enamored by this adorable addition to the family. In the comments section of the post, fans express their adoration for Chocolate, calling the bunny sweet and adorable. They also compliment Zoey, commenting on how beautiful and grown-up she looks.

Fans took the opportunity to ask Zoey questions, as she had requested. One fan inquired about how the dogs react to the rabbit, and Zoey responded that Maggie and Chocolate get along perfectly fine, but she’s unsure about the puppies.

Zoey also shared that Chocolate enjoys apple and banana treats and lives indoors. When asked about her favorite thing about her rabbit, Zoey replied, “Chocolate cuddles and gives me love ❤️”.

In another comment, Zoey offered advice to kids who haven’t cared for pets before, emphasizing the responsibilities, nurturing, and happiness that come with it.

The Little Couple fans are excited for the Arnold-Klein family and hope they have many joyful years with their new bunny, Chocolate.

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