Kim Plath, star of “Welcome to Plathville,” has reportedly moved in with her boyfriend just 11 months after her split from her husband, Barry. The couple had been married for 25 years but Kim was unhappy and sought a divorce. Viewers of the family’s TLC show witnessed the events leading up to the separation. Now, Kim, a mother of nine, has made it clear that she has moved on by cohabiting with her new partner. Here are the details.

Following her separation from her husband, Kim entered the dating scene and found a new boyfriend, which has become a major storyline in the new season of “Welcome to Plathville” premiering tonight. In the meantime, Barry appears to be focusing on himself. However, two of Kim’s daughters, Lydia and Moriah Plath, were not supportive of her decision to pursue a new relationship. Despite their objections, Kim proceeded to find love again. Although Kim does not have a social media account under her name, fans believe they have discovered an account under a different name where several photos of Kim with her boyfriend, Ken Palmer, have been posted.

According to exclusive information from The Sun, Kim Plath is now living with Ken Palmer. After announcing her split from Barry in June 2022, she moved in with Ken in May 2023, just 11 months later. Previously, Kim resided in Cairo, Georgia, with Barry and their children. However, following their separation, she has chosen to live with her boyfriend, who owns a $609,000 home in Florida. Ken purchased the property in 2017, featuring four bedrooms, an impressive outdoor space on five acres, a pool, and a barn.

This news might come as a surprise to fans familiar with the Plath family’s conservative beliefs. In Season 1, when viewers were first introduced to the kids, they displayed limited knowledge of pop culture and were not allowed to consume sugar. Kim Plath also disapproved of alcohol consumption. Therefore, maintaining purity as a Christian woman likely held significance to her. This is why fans find it contradictory that she is living with her boyfriend before marriage. However, it is possible that her perspectives changed after her divorce.

In light of these developments, do you find it surprising that Kim Plath is now living with her boyfriend just 11 months after her separation from her husband, Barry?

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