The new season of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” kicked off with a somber note as it featured the funeral of Babs Thore, Whitney Way Thore’s mother. Babs passed away in December 2022, and the family decided to film the funeral as a way to honor her memory. The emotional episode included heartfelt testimonials from Whitney, her father Glenn, and her brother Hunter. Friends and fans alike considered Babs a mother figure, adding to the emotional weight of the event. However, some viewers have raised concerns about Whitney potentially profiting from her mother’s passing and if this was a calculated money-making opportunity for the reality star.

A Reddit thread emerged, focusing on Whitney’s mention of having a half-sister in the premiere episode of the season. As the season progresses, Whitney and Hunter are shown attempting to reconnect their father with his long-lost daughter. This revelation sparked discussions about whether Babs had prior knowledge of the half-sibling all along. In response to a fan’s question, Whitney explained that her parents were aware of the existence of the child, but the connection was made through Ancestry, implying that the storyline could be seen as an advertisement opportunity.

One Reddit user recalled a previous comment speculating that Whitney would turn the half-sibling storyline into a paid advertisement for However, fans were more concerned about the confusion surrounding the narrative. One Redditor pointed out the contradictory statements made by Whitney, who initially claimed her parents always knew about the child, but then mentioned that they found out through This inconsistency left some followers perplexed and seeking clarity.

Amidst the confusion, some viewers expressed disappointment in Glenn, believing he knew about the child but chose to walk away. There were also rumors circulating that the child in question was a boy, not a girl, as previously mentioned. One commenter remarked on the changing narrative, stating, “I am losing track. Didn’t Whitney say just two days ago that they knew nothing until Barbara passed away?” Some fans have grown skeptical of the once-sweet and pure love story portrayed by Babs and Glenn.

Nevertheless, Whitney has been able to reconnect with her extended family, bringing her some happiness during this challenging time. It is hoped that this reunion will help fill the void left by Babs’ passing and bring some healing to their hearts.

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