Tammy and Amy, the stars of 1000 Lb Sisters, started their weight loss journey together. While Amy achieved significant weight loss, Tammy struggled and reached a weight of 714 lbs. However, after a wake-up call that led to an emergency hospitalization, Tammy began working on herself. In recent months, she has been making headlines for her incredible progress, and she has officially reached half of her previous size. Fans have been eagerly waiting to see Tammy’s journey in the upcoming season, and it appears that TLC will feature her skin removal surgery after the release of Part 2 of Season 4.

Tammy Slaton has won the hearts of many with her remarkable progress and has stayed committed to her health despite difficulties in her personal life. Fans of 1000 Lb Sisters can expect to see her journey in the upcoming episodes of Part 2 of Season 4, which will air in December.

There have been reports that TLC has already started filming the fifth season of the show, dispelling rumors of its cancellation due to a lack of storylines. An insider has revealed that Tammy underwent weight loss surgery last year and has now reached a point where she needs to have excess skin removed for a healthier life. This means fans will get to see Tammy go under the knife again in the upcoming season.

Tammy has been regularly updating her fans on her progress and recently shared a significant milestone on TikTok. She posted a mirror selfie wearing checked pants and a black t-shirt over a denim shirt, looking noticeably slimmer. In her post, she proudly announced that she has gone from wearing 8XL clothing to 2XL after her drastic weight loss. Fans will have to wait and see how Tammy’s life unfolds after her skin removal surgery.

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