My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 has introduced a new character named Angie, who is revealed to be the daughter of Glenn Thore, causing confusion among MBFFL fans. Social media users have done some digging and found more information than what the TLC show has revealed so far, leading to speculation about Glenn’s past relationships.

The new season of the show revolves around the funeral of Babs, Glenn’s late wife and the mother of Hunter and Whitney. However, a new storyline has emerged, with Glenn disclosing the existence of his daughter, Angie. Teasers and spoilers suggest that Glenn has reconnected with Angie and informed Whitney that Angie’s mother is a woman named Jackie, with whom he was involved before meeting Babs. However, social media discussions have caused confusion as some people claim that Glenn also had a relationship with someone named Keiko.

Based on the investigations conducted by MBFFL fans, it appears that there might be a half-brother for Hunter and Whitney. The leaks and rumors initially hinted at the existence of a son born out of wedlock, allegedly during Glenn’s military service in Japan. Theorists speculate that Keiko might be the mother of this son. So, it seems that Whitney Way Thore’s father had multiple relationships in the past, and there could be two half-siblings for Hunter and Whitney, aside from Angie. However, many people remain skeptical about these claims.

The confusion surrounding Angie’s character has led some fans to consider boycotting the show, suspecting that TLC fabricated the storyline to keep the show running. Leaked information suggests that Glenn’s son from Keiko contacted him, and it was proposed that he appear on the show, but the son’s family declined the offer. Skeptics argue that Angie might be a fictional character or a hired actress.

One MBFFL viewer turned to Reddit to seek clarification, expressing their confusion about the situation. They remembered hearing about Glenn having a son with an Asian woman during his military service but were now seeing a blonde girl (referring to Angie). They asked for help in understanding the situation.

Fans who claim to have figured out some details have pointed out that Glenn had a Japanese girlfriend named Keiko when he was stationed in Japan but she is not the one he fathered a child with. They also mentioned an incident where Glenn hit and killed a Japanese man with his car, which led to him leaving Japan.

In summary, while there is confusion surrounding Angie’s character and Glenn’s past relationships, it appears that Angie is the daughter of someone named Jackie, and her background may not necessarily be Asian, contrary to some initial assumptions.

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