Deon Derrico, star of “Doubling Down With the Derricos,” is reaching out to fans for assistance in addressing the show’s disappointing ratings on TLC. Despite having a dedicated fan base and generating interest among viewers, the show has failed to achieve the expected viewership numbers. Deon even expressed concerns that the show might face cancellation. However, he is now offering an opportunity for fans to contribute and potentially save the show. Read on to discover how you can help.

In a recent Instagram post, Deon revealed the precarious situation his family’s show is facing, stating, “Doubling Down With The DERRICOs may be canceled.” He also shared with TV Shows Ace his belief that changing the show’s timeslot could be beneficial. Shifting it to an earlier time might attract more viewers, as the current 10 p.m. ET airing may have been too late for some to tune in. Deon suggests that airing the show at a different time of year, when people are less occupied, could garner more attention.

Several followers in the comment section agreed that the show aired too late, particularly for a family-oriented program. Some fans even placed blame on TLC for altering the timeslot, which likely impacted viewership. One comment read, “This cannot be true… I love your show and watch it FAITHFULLY!! Your show is a relief from toxic television.”

Others concurred that “Doubling Down With the Derricos” stands out on TLC as one of the few wholesome, family-friendly shows. Fans expressed weariness with the drama and “toxicity” prevalent in other series on the network. Another comment stated, “Noooo!! 😢 not the one show without any drama, that really shows the love of a 2 parent family smh.”

Fans are disheartened by the prospect of “Doubling Down With the Derricos” ending, but there is still a chance to make a difference and demonstrate support for the show.

Deon Derrico shared an excellent way for fans to show their support in his Instagram post, urging them to visit TLC’s website and complete the survey. By doing so, viewers can make their desire for the show’s continuation known to the network. Fans are hopeful that if TLC decides to cancel the show, the Derrico family might explore options like starting a YouTube channel or finding another network, such as BET, that would be interested in picking up the show. One fan even tagged Tyler Perry in the comments, appealing for his assistance on behalf of the Derrico family.

As Deon emphasized, fans should make sure to complete TLC’s survey if they wish to see “Doubling Down With the Derricos” continue.

Are you surprised by the low ratings of “Doubling Down With the Derricos”?

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