While there have been reports suggesting that Christine Brown’s wedding to David Woolley would take place before the end of the summer, it seems that the couple has not tied the knot yet. However, Christine dropped some hints about the wedding date during a livestream, indicating that it could be around six weeks away from the time of the livestream.

If we calculate based on the information provided, Christine’s wedding would likely take place in the middle of October. While the exact date is not confirmed, Saturdays are commonly chosen for weddings, so it could be on the 14th, 21st, or 28th of October.

Fans of Sister Wives are eagerly awaiting more details about Christine’s wedding day. Many are speculating that TLC will make the event a televised affair, considering Christine’s popularity among viewers. Fans hope to see photos of the wedding, with wishes for Christine to have the dress of her dreams, a well-deserved honeymoon, and a happy wedding day without any drama.

As for David Woolley’s appearance on the show, it is unclear whether he will be featured in the current season of Sister Wives. Christine has had a more subtle role on the show, focusing on her own life in Utah and providing support to Janelle during her split with Kody Brown. While it is possible that David might make his debut on the show in the future, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Fans are excited to learn all the details about Christine and David’s wedding, and they eagerly await any updates or announcements from Christine herself.

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