Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff is thrilled with her stunning new look. She recently revealed her revamped style to fans, and it’s clear that she is loving the change. Let’s take a closer look at what she did and how she feels about it.

As a busy mother of three, Tori Roloff always tries to make time for herself and occasionally gets her hair colored every few months. This time around, she decided to go for a shocking new look that she couldn’t wait to share with her followers.

Over the years, Tori has experimented with different haircuts and colors, showcasing her evolving style on social media. While she used to have long dark hair when she first appeared on Little People, Big World, she has since embraced change and enjoys finding what works best for her.

During the summer, Tori went for a blonder tone, and just last month, she opted for a significant chop, cutting off a significant amount of length. However, her most recent transformation took place at the hair salon, where she unveiled her new look to her fans.

Tori teased her followers with a photo of herself in the salon chair, building anticipation for her updated appearance. A few hours later, she returned to social media to share the results. This time, she ditched the blonde and went for a copper color, which is perfect for the fall season. Tori took to her Instagram Stories to showcase her beautiful transformation, sharing photos and videos with her followers. Her hairstylist not only colored her hair but also styled it with curls, creating an adorable and chic look.

In one video she posted, Tori can be seen running her hands through her hair while expressing her excitement, saying, “I’m obsessed. Got rid of some of the blonde and put more copper and gold. I’m obsessed.” She tagged her hairstylist, Kendall, in the caption and praised her for the amazing work she did.

Although Tori has yet to share a post featuring her hair transformation on her main Instagram feed, it’s likely that she will do so soon, allowing fans to publicly comment on her fresh look. When she does, she can expect a flood of high praise and compliments from her followers.

So, what are your thoughts on Tori Roloff’s shocking new look?

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