Fans of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” have been questioning the dynamics of Whitney Way Thore’s friendships, particularly with Heather Sykes and Lennie Alehat. Recent events, including the loss of her mother and her own weight loss, have left Thore in a vulnerable state. Speculations have arisen, suggesting that there might be a rift between Thore and her old crew. Let’s delve into the details.

Whitney Way Thore experienced the heartbreaking loss of her mother in December 2022. This significant event has deeply affected her, leading to emotional distress and memory loss. Additionally, Thore has undergone noticeable weight loss, triggering fan theories about its cause.

Thore posted an Instagram video teasing the upcoming season of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.” In the video, she posed with two individuals whose faces were covered by blonde-haired woman emojis. This omission caught the attention of online commenters, who pointed out that Thore did not acknowledge familiar faces from previous seasons, namely Lennie Alehat and Heather Sykes.

One commenter questioned the absence of Lennie and Heather, asking if Thore had gotten rid of some of the old people in her life. This led to speculations that Thore was following an “out with the old, in with the new” approach. While some fans defended Thore against the rude comment, she also stood up for herself, telling the commenter to stop making assumptions.

Thore clarified that Lennie Alehat was still a part of her life, noting that she sees him at her house every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As for Heather, Thore jokingly replied that she was unsure of Heather’s whereabouts at that exact moment. Surprisingly, Heather Sykes promptly responded, stating that she was in her bed. Thore acknowledged her response with a simple “There you go!”

Heather Sykes’ Instagram profile shows her busy life as a mother and pursuing her musical acting career. While it seems that Thore and Heather are still on good terms, only time will reveal the true nature of their friendship. As one commenter wisely noted, people can add new friends to their circle without necessarily getting rid of old ones.

In conclusion, while questions have been raised about the status of Thore’s relationships with Heather and Lennie, Thore’s responses indicate that Lennie is still a part of her life, and she seems to be on good terms with Heather.

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