According to an insider close to reality star Tammy, the 37-year-old does not have a favorable opinion of Amy’s new boyfriend, Tony. As Tony reportedly lives with Amy and her children, Tammy has had ample opportunity to get to know him. Even before Tony moved to Kentucky, Tammy would join Amy on trips to Michigan to visit him.

The source revealed that during their most recent trip, Amy and Tony had numerous arguments, resulting in missed exits and constant screaming between them. Tammy is said to believe that Tony relies on Amy for financial support and contributes very little to the relationship.

Amy, however, has not publicly addressed her relationship with Tony, despite appearing happy with him. Speculation about a new man in Amy’s life began when she shared a YouTube video on August 10, showcasing her family’s celebration for her son Glenn’s birthday. Observant fans noticed an unfamiliar face among the familiar ones at the table, prompting curiosity.

In the video, Amy referred to the mystery man as “daddy” multiple times, hinting at a possible romantic relationship. The Sun later identified him as Tony on August 16, reporting that they had been dating for approximately three months.

Furthermore, there have been legal developments in Amy’s personal life. Her ex-husband, Michael, submitted paperwork requesting a case management conference and a civil restraining order. The restraining order would prohibit both Michael and Amy from being within 500 feet of each other. Additionally, Michael requested temporary joint custody of their son and a restriction on publicly discussing their divorce.

As the situation unfolds, fans eagerly await further updates on Amy’s relationship with Tony and the outcome of her divorce proceedings with Michael.

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