Johnny Chao and Ella Johnson’s love story left viewers frustrated. Johnny hails from China, while Ella is a native of Idaho. Throughout their journey on 90 Day Fiance, audiences witnessed their constant clashes stemming from the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship. The situation took a turn for the worse with the onset of COVID-19, as strict travel restrictions prevented Chao from visiting his beloved. Their relationship hit a rocky patch, and Ella even admitted to infidelity during this difficult period.

Fans, however, were initially relieved to see the couple reconcile, with Johnny eventually managing to travel to the US to meet Ella in person. Unfortunately, it seems that they have once again drifted apart, and this time, it’s Johnny who is accused of cheating on his girlfriend. The question on everyone’s mind is: What exactly did he do?

90 Day Fiance: Johnny Chao Went To Arizona To Meet Another Woman Behind Ella’s Back?

Johnny and Ella’s relationship has been tumultuous from the very start. Their journey began in Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, and they consistently faced challenges, primarily due to their inability to meet each other in person. However, Chao made a significant move by crossing all boundaries and traveling to the US to finally meet his beloved in July of this year. Their fans were thrilled, hoping that this meeting would mark a positive turning point in their relationship.

Recently, after the expiration of his two-month visa, Johnny returned to China. It appeared that Johnny and Ella were on the path to taking the next step in their relationship, leaving fans optimistic about their future together.

Now, it seems that the Chinese native has betrayed his long-distance partner. As reported by InTouch, an insider has unveiled the harsh truth about their relationship. According to the source, Johnny traveled to Arizona to spend time with another woman, despite Ella’s heartfelt plea for him not to go. He has since expressed remorse, admitting that he should not have gone and acknowledging the hurt he has caused.

The insider continued to divulge more details about the situation, revealing that Johnny had initially connected with this other woman as a fan through Instagram. They even engaged in video chats, and Johnny had sent her money, which understandably made Ella skeptical about the nature of their relationship. Despite Johnny’s denial, Ella finds it hard to believe that there was no physical contact between them.

What’s more, the source indicated that this incident has left a permanent stain on Johnny and Ella’s relationship. To make matters worse, the insider suggested that there might be other women involved as well. This suspicion arose because another woman came forward, claiming to have been in contact with Johnny during his relationship with Ella, casting further doubt on the fidelity of their partnership.

90 Day Fiance: Johnny Returns To China To Make More Money To Bring Ella Next Time!

Johnny and Ella’s relationship is currently in a perplexing and tumultuous phase. On one hand, Johnny is making promises of marriage to Ella, while on the other hand, he is engaging in infidelity. Their recent reconciliation had brought hope to fans, especially after the challenges they faced in the previous season.

In a significant development, Johnny embarked on his first-ever trip to the US to reunite with his long-distance lover. This news delighted fans, who were eager to see the couple rekindle their connection. On August 28, Johnny shared multiple pictures of himself at the airport, marking the beginning of this pivotal chapter in their relationship.

Johnny explained that he had made the decision to return to China for a period after spending two months in the US. He went on to say, “to prepare more money to bring with me next time only wanna say.” This statement appears to suggest that he is assuring all the 90 Day Fiance fans that the couple has plans to relocate to China in the near future, indicating their intention to continue their journey together despite the recent challenges they’ve faced in their relationship.

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