It appears that Jeremy Roloff, a former star of TLC’s “Little People, Big World,” has drawn criticism from fans once again due to a perceived lack of concern for safety when it comes to his children. Fans have previously called out Jeremy and his wife Audrey for not taking safety precautions or anticipating potential dangers for their kids.

In one instance, Audrey shared a video on her Instagram where Jeremy had all three kids on his moving ATV without wearing helmets. Fans expressed concern as having multiple people on an ATV without helmets can be very dangerous, with injuries and accidents occurring every year. Despite fans raising their concerns, Jeremy continues to ride around with the kids on the ATV without helmets.

Audrey Roloff has also faced criticism for ignoring safety. She posted a photo on her Instagram stories of Jeremy driving down the road on his ATV with their daughter Ember on the back, both without helmets. The caption indicated that the kids frequently take this trip with their dad, still without wearing helmets.

Audrey has been accused of photographing her kids in potentially dangerous situations without showing any concern. Fans on Reddit expressed shock and condemnation towards her actions, highlighting the need for helmets when riding vehicles like ATVs or dirt bikes. Some fans mentioned the slope Ember was on and the lack of a secure grip for her, raising additional safety concerns.

Fans are alarmed that Jeremy and Audrey seem to disregard the importance of helmets, despite the widely known understanding that they are essential for safety when riding an ATV, especially with children. The lack of safety precautions has sparked criticism and concern among viewers of the show.

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