It appears that some viewers of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” have expressed skepticism and criticism regarding the storyline involving Glenn Thore’s long-lost daughter, Angie. There have been theories and leaks suggesting that the storyline might be fabricated, with some viewers speculating that an actress is being used to portray Angie. This speculation arises from the mention of Keiko, an Asian woman who allegedly gave birth to a son and the assumption that the son might have refused to film, leading to the creation of a daughter character.

Recently, Whitney Way Thore, a star of the show, uploaded a video on her Instagram, showing her bonding with Angie and introducing her niece, Jaime Daughdrill. Following this, Jaime shared a lengthy post on her Facebook account, recounting her life story and expressing her happiness at finally meeting her grandfather, Glenn Thore. However, some people believe that Jaime is sanitizing the story and using it as a means to gain influence or become an influencer.

In response to Jaime’s post, one Reddit user questioned whether people should stop calling out Glenn Thore as a “deadbeat dad.” Despite the heartwarming story shared by Jaime and her excitement about connecting with her new family members, TLC critics remain unconvinced. They argue that there is more information available that contradicts the sanitized version presented on the show, and they believe that Whitney Way Thore has control over the narrative.

It is important to note that these opinions and speculations come from viewers and fans of the show and may not necessarily reflect the complete truth or the intentions of the individuals involved. Ultimately, the authenticity of the storyline and the motivations behind the individuals’ actions can only be known by the people directly involved.

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