The recent Season 11 of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” revealed that Whitney Way Thore has a secret half-sister named Angie. The discovery of Angie’s existence came about when Whitney and her brother, Hunter, were planning a bucket list for their father, Glenn, who was feeling depressed after the passing of his wife, Babs.

It was previously rumored that Glenn had a secret brother, which caused some confusion. However, the two women in Glenn’s life before marrying Babs were Keiko and Jackie. Keiko was not Angie’s mother but a woman Glenn knew during his time in the military in Asia. Angie’s mother was named Jackie, but she unfortunately passed away, and Angie was raised by other relatives.

Whitney and Hunter learned about Angie when they embarked on a genealogy search and discovered a hit on Glenn. They then approached him with the information. Whitney was excited to find out that Angie also had a child named Jaime, making Whitney an aunt.

Angie’s full name is Angie Vincent, and her daughter’s name is Jaime Daughdrill. It was revealed that Angie is engaged, and Whitney attended her engagement party. Angie also has a brother named Cody.

Angie was adopted when she was three months old, and she has been working as a bartender at Boondocks Bar and Grill in Mobile, Alabama, for nine years.

As for Angie’s marital status, she is no longer with Jaime’s father, James “Jimmy” Daughdrill. She is currently married to Frank Burdett.

The revelation of Angie as Whitney’s half-sister has brought new dynamics to the show, and fans have been interested in learning more about her. The timing of Glenn’s disclosure to Whitney and Hunter about their half-sister Angie may have surprised some viewers, but the circumstances surrounding the family’s history and relationships likely played a role in the delay.

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