Kenny and Armando have captured the hearts of many with their strong relationship and remarkable connection. They broke new ground as one of the first gay couples to be featured on “90 Day Fiance.” Their love story began when they met at a support group for single gay fathers, and from that moment, their bond only grew stronger. TLC has chronicled their journey across multiple seasons as they navigate life together, including raising Armando’s ten-year-old daughter.

On the other hand, Kenny, a 60-year-old man who has already raised four children and become a grandfather, has been at odds with Armando over the decision to have another child. Finally, Kenneth has opened up about the genuine reason behind his reluctance to expand their family.

90 Day Fiance: Kenny Opens Up About The Truth Behind Not Wanting A Child!

Kenny Niedermeier and Armando Rubio currently find themselves in a rather unconventional phase of their relationship. They’ve overcome numerous challenges to be together and have often been hailed by fans as the epitome of a perfect couple on the show, characterized by their absence of drama and toxicity. However, like any couple, they do face their own set of conflicts and challenges.

Armando has been expressing his desire for Kenny, who is 60 years old, to have a biological child together. Regrettably, Kenny disagrees with this request, primarily due to his age. In an interview reported by Screenrant, the “90 Day Fiance” star has shed light on the true reason behind his reluctance to fulfill Armando’s wish. He candidly stated, “Many people believe he’s pressuring me to do it, and I keep telling him, ‘I’m too old, I’m too old.’

However, Kenneth playfully quipped that his reluctance to have a baby isn’t akin to wanting to retire and spend his days in a rocking chair. Rather, his concerns are rooted in the fear that he may not have the opportunity to witness their child grow up fully due to his advanced age. Neidermeier realizes that by the time their child embarks on their own life journey, he will likely be in his 80s, and this worries him deeply. While he loves children, he acknowledges that his age presents a genuine obstacle.

In contrast, Kenny is open to the idea of adopting an older child. He is motivated by the desire to fill the void in Armando’s life, particularly because Armando tragically lost his wife while she was pregnant. The reality TV personality is empathetic toward his partner’s wishes and is committed to supporting him in any way he can.

90 Day Fiance: Kenny Armando Spills Their “Secret” To A Happy Marriage!

Kenny and Armando have indeed set a high standard for all 90 Day Fiance couples with their heartwarming relationship. Fans have been curious about the key to their successful partnership, and the TLC stars have graciously shared their secrets to a healthy relationship.

Kenny disclosed that their approach involves giving each other an extra one percent effort to make their relationship thrive. Additionally, he emphasized that humor has played a pivotal role in their bond. He explained that they have a knack for making each other laugh and tend not to dwell on minor issues. This combination of mutual effort and a lighthearted outlook has undoubtedly contributed to their enduring connection.

Furthermore, Armando emphasized the significance of trust as a fundamental element in any marriage. He stressed that they have always been honest with each other and have never resorted to deception. Additionally, he shared insights into how they maintained their connection during their long-distance relationship, highlighting the importance of consistently keeping each other updated about their lives. This commitment to transparency and trust has undoubtedly fortified their bond and contributed to the strength of their relationship.

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