Sister Wives fans are expressing their dismay over the fact that Kody and Robyn Brown’s seven-year-old daughter, Ariella, still uses a pacifier. This issue has been a source of ongoing frustration for fans, and it was further highlighted in the recent episode that aired on September 10th. Many viewers believe that Ariella is too old to be using a pacifier, especially considering that she has already started kindergarten like her siblings.

According to experts, it is generally recommended to stop pacifier use between the ages of 2 to 4 years. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry also advocates for pacifier weaning by age 3. Given that Ariella is now seven years old, fans feel that she is behind on this milestone, which has led to their disappointment and criticism of Kody and Robyn’s parenting choices.

Fans took to Twitter to express their frustration, using it as a platform to voice their concerns about Ariella’s pacifier use. The topic was also heavily debated in Sister Wives fan groups, with some speculating that Robyn may be too lazy to take the pacifier away from Ariella. Others wondered if there could be sensory issues involved but suggested alternative approaches to address the situation.

It is likely that the discussion and criticism surrounding the pacifier use will continue as the children receive more airtime on the show. Additionally, Kody Brown’s strained relationships with some of his other children have caused further frustration among fans. This frustration was evident during a Christmas episode where all five of Kody and Robyn’s children received motorbikes as gifts, while Ysabel and Truely did not receive the same treatment. This discrepancy also became a hot topic of discussion among fans.

Overall, the issue of Ariella’s pacifier use continues to generate controversy and fan disappointment, further fueled by other instances that highlight perceived preferential treatment within the family.

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