Amy Roloff is making significant efforts to promote her side hustle amidst the major changes happening on the show Little People, Big World. Recent revelations about the future season of the TLC show have sparked discussions about what lies ahead. As the show’s dynamics shift, Amy is actively pursuing other career paths, raising curiosity about her plans and their implications for the series.

The future of LPBW is undergoing significant changes, as highlighted by statements made by Caryn Chandler’s son, Connor, in an interview with The Sun. He revealed that Tori and Zach Roloff, Amy and Matt’s son, do not wish to be part of another season of the show. While Zach and Tori themselves haven’t confirmed their departure, fans suspect it based on hints they have dropped. With the potential exit of Zach and Tori from LPBW, fans are left wondering about the future trajectories of Amy, Chris, Matt, and Caryn.

Amy has previously announced her upcoming cookbook and sought input from fans to select the cover design. After collecting votes, she recently shared an update on her chosen cover. In an Instagram video, she revealed that she opted for cover A, featuring her wearing a blue shirt and an apron. The cover showcased a vibrant pasta dish with pesto sauce and vegetables.

While Amy’s involvement in writing a book alone does not confirm her departure from the show, some speculate that she might be concerned about the potential end of LPBW with Zach and Tori leaving. Alternatively, it could simply be the right timing for her to release another cookbook.

In light of these developments, fans are intrigued by Amy Roloff’s continued focus on her side hustle and the increased visibility she is giving it.

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