Karen and Deon Derrico have found success in raising their 14 children by implementing various strategies and maintaining a loving and joyful household. Despite the challenges that come with having a large family, they have managed to navigate the ups and downs with grace and resilience. The couple, who stars in the TLC show “Doubling Down With the Derricos,” has been transparent about their journey and aims to provide relatable content for viewers.

In an interview with The List, Karen and Deon shared their motivations for being on TLC and showcasing their family dynamics. They wanted to demonstrate how they make things work and find joy in their lives with 14 kids. However, they also wanted to be authentic and show that their family is not perfect. They have faced their fair share of challenges, including miscarriages, and wanted to connect with others who may be going through similar experiences. By sharing their story, they hope to be a source of support and inspiration for others.

When it comes to managing their large family, Karen and Deon have developed strategies over time. They revealed that buying groceries in bulk is one way they save time and money. By making fewer trips to the grocery store, they can focus on other aspects of family life. Additionally, the Derrico household is filled with love and joy, which greatly contributes to their success. Despite the inevitable chaos that comes with a large family, they prioritize family time and creating lasting memories together.

Through their TLC show and interviews, Karen and Deon Derrico provide a glimpse into their lives and share their journey of raising 14 children. Their ability to handle the challenges and maintain a loving household serves as an inspiration to others.

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