In the latest season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, it was revealed that Whitney Way Thore has a half-sister named Angie Vincent Burdette. Initially, there were theories circulating about who actually raised Angie, but recent information suggests that she was not raised by Glenn’s sister, Kim.

Some fans initially thought that the introduction of a secret sister was a ploy by TLC to extend the show’s storyline. However, social media posts and interactions have shed more light on the situation. Whitney has a niece named Jaimie Daughdrill, and it appears that Jaimie’s brother, Cody, helped track down Glenn using genealogy DNA testing. This indicates that Angie’s existence is genuine, and she is part of the extended family.

Concerns and theories about Angie’s upbringing led fans to discuss the topic on Reddit. While there is still some confusion, it seems that Angie was not raised by Kim Thore, Glenn’s sister. A Reddit user shared a photo of Angie’s father, whose surname is Dollison. They explained that Angie was adopted by another couple at three months old and was not raised by Glenn’s sister.

Unfortunately, it appears that Angie’s birth mother, Jackie, has passed away, so it is challenging to clarify the details of her time with Kim after giving birth. However, other posts from the family mention Grandpa Dollison, indicating his role in Angie’s life.

Overall, the information emerging suggests that Angie Vincent Burdette is a legitimate member of Whitney Way Thore’s extended family, and the theories about her upbringing have been debunked.

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