Whitney Way Thore’s decision to throw a Babs-themed party in honor of her late mother, Babs Thore, has received mixed reactions from viewers. In an upcoming episode of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” Whitney shares her idea with her friends, asking them to dress as versions of her mom and even suggesting that one of her friends wear Babs’ wedding dress.

While some fans expressed delight and saw it as a meaningful way to honor Babs and celebrate her life, others had reservations about the idea. Critics felt that wearing Babs’ wedding dress might be crossing a boundary and viewed it as inappropriate, believing that Babs should be allowed to rest in peace and that Glenn, Whitney’s father, should be given space to grieve.

Opinions on Whitney’s decision to throw the Babs-themed party varied among viewers, with some finding it touching and others feeling it was too much. Ultimately, it is a personal choice made by Whitney and her family, and viewers will have to watch the episode to see how it unfolds and how Glenn reacts to the party.

As Season 11 continues, fans can expect more surprises and developments. Whitney’s long-lost half-sister, Angie, will be introduced, generating excitement among viewers. However, there are also concerns that Whitney might be exploiting Angie’s inclusion in the show. With several episodes remaining in the season, anything can happen, and fans will have to stay tuned to see how the story unfolds.

The opinions on Whitney’s decision to throw a Babs-themed party are divided, and viewers will have their own thoughts and feelings about it.

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