After the recent episode of “Sister Wives” and revisiting episodes featuring Christine’s decision to leave, fans have begun speculating whether Robyn Brown might be the true gaslighter within the family. Some viewers are not entirely surprised by this notion, as accusations of her being the puppet master behind Kody have surfaced before.

What has Robyn said or done that has convinced fans she could be the family’s gaslighter? Let’s delve into the details.

Prior to the new season, fans were promised a more vocal Robyn Brown. According to a source, Robyn had grown tired of observing the drama from the sidelines and felt the need to share her side of the story. However, fans haven’t been entirely impressed with her contributions thus far. In fact, some believe Robyn may be attempting to gaslight them by portraying herself as a victim caught in the midst of the family’s turmoil.

In a detailed Reddit thread, one fan pointed out Robyn’s statement regarding Christine’s desire to have no relationship with Robyn or her children in Flagstaff. The original poster clarified that Christine had actually used the phrase “for now” as she needed time to heal from the end of her marriage.

It’s important to note that this episode was filmed during Christine’s first month after leaving the family, shortly after her separation from Kody. The original poster argued that Robyn was distorting Christine’s words to fit her own narrative.

Additionally, Robyn discussed Janelle’s boys and expressed sadness over their disinterest in participating in Christmas celebrations. She further mentioned that she would have reached out if they had shown any indication of wanting to connect during that time.

However, the original poster clarified that it was Robyn who initially drove the boys away by expressing discomfort and feeling unsafe with Janelle’s sons at their house. Therefore, their absence during Christmas was originally at Robyn’s request.

After rewatching the episodes in question, the original poster accused Robyn of attempting to gaslight fans by presenting herself as a victim. In response to the thread, many fans agreed that Robyn could be both a puppet master and a gaslighter, speculating that she might be the underlying cause of the family’s struggles.

It’s important to remember that these observations are based on individual interpretations and opinions of fans. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics within the Sister Wives family and Robyn’s role, it is advised to watch the show or follow reliable news sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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