From Jetting Off to Colombia in ’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ to Entertaining Fans on Pillow Talk, Tim Malcolm Emerges as a Beloved TLC Star. Beyond the Screen, He Revs Up Luxury Cars Thanks to His Successful Business Ventures, Leaving Fans Eager to Uncover His Net Worth.

What is Tim Malcolm’s Net Worth?

Tim’s financial worth has been a topic of interest for many, with various sources estimating it to be within the range of $1 million to $5 million. These estimates have piqued the curiosity of fans and followers who are eager to gain a more precise insight into his wealth.

How Does Tim Malcolm Make His Money?

Tim operates his custom gun enterprise, Gringo Guns, situated in his home state of North Carolina. The company boasts a specialization in custom engraving, gold plating, and stainless polishing of rare and exotic firearms. Tim himself has described his work as turning guns into more of an art form than functional firearms, emphasizing that his clientele views these creations as collectible pieces rather than weapons meant for firing.

He continues to actively market and sell his custom firearms, regularly showcasing them on his social media channels. A notable post from September 2023 featured a meticulously crafted 1911 short gun finished in gold and adorned with a mother-of-pearl grip. Such precision and artistry come at a price, with Tim’s custom firearms often commanding prices exceeding $2,000.

In addition to his firearm venture, Tim has diversified his income streams. Like many other ’90 Day Fiance’ stars, he offers personalized video messages on Cameo, a platform where fans can request customized messages from their favorite personalities. Beyond that, Tim identifies himself as a “crypto enthusiast,” indicating his involvement in the world of cryptocurrency, a realm known for its potential for substantial financial gains.

Tim’s ability to indulge in luxury items is evident from his social media updates. In June 2023, he proudly shared a photo of his new Versace watch, a lavish gift to himself that undoubtedly carried a significant price tag. His multifaceted income sources and evident penchant for high-end items contribute to the intrigue surrounding his estimated net worth.

Who is Tim Malcolm’s Girlfriend?

Tim first entered the spotlight of ’90 Day Fiancé’ when he embarked on a romantic journey with Jeniffer in ‘Before the 90 Days.’ Although their relationship had a brief run, Tim continued to engage with the show’s fanbase through his appearances on ‘Pillow Talk,’ alongside his ex-fiancé, Veronica Rodriguez. Despite the hopes of some fans that Tim and Veronica might rekindle their romance due to their chemistry on the spinoff, Tim chose to make things official with his new girlfriend, Linda Ramirez.

Introducing another captivating Colombian brunette to the viewers, Tim shared his budding relationship with Linda during an episode of ’90 Day Bares All’ in April 2021. He disclosed a notable 17-year age difference between himself and the Colombian beauty during his conversation with host Shaun Robinson. Tim shared his admiration for Linda, emphasizing her one-and-a-half-year stay in the United States and her dedication to learning English, which had been a significant challenge.

Tim spoke warmly about Linda, highlighting her sweet and low-maintenance personality, which contrasted with his own. He admitted that being with Linda had exposed him to a different perspective on relationships, and they shared a similar sense of humor, making their time together enjoyable.

Remarkably, Tim’s close friendship with Veronica didn’t perturb Linda. She expressed her support for their strong bond, emphasizing the rarity of such connections. Linda’s open-mindedness about Tim’s previous relationship demonstrated a mature and understanding approach to their dynamic.

Tim Malcolm and Veronica Rodriguez Return For ‘The Single Life’ Season 3

In an interesting turn of events, it was once Veronica who posed a potential obstacle to Tim’s romantic relationships, but the dynamics have since shifted. The beloved Pillow Talk duo made their return and took center stage on season 3 of ’90 Day: The Single Life.’ However, this time, it was Veronica’s turn to seek a partner who would embrace her close bond with her ex-fiancé turned best friend, Tim.

Even to this day, Tim and Veronica maintain an exceptionally strong and affectionate relationship, which they openly share with their fans. From heartfelt birthday tributes to lighthearted selfies, their public interactions serve as a testament to the depth of their enduring connection. Tim and Veronica have redefined the concept of exes who remain amicable and supportive, showcasing a unique bond that extends far beyond the confines of their past romantic relationship.

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