When Sister Wives was first created, its aim was to portray a happy plural family. However, over the years, the dynamics within the Brown family have deteriorated significantly, straying far from the original vision of the series. With Kody now down to just one wife, the concept of “sister wives” has become almost non-existent.

There are swirling rumors suggesting that TLC might cancel the show unless a significant change occurs. This has led to speculation about whether Kody and Robyn would actually consider bringing in another wife to maintain the show’s continuity. Discover the opinions of fellow Sister Wives viewers regarding this possibility.

Would Robyn Brown successfully adjust to a new wife?

It’s common knowledge that Sister Wives fans were not pleased with how Robyn Brown joined the family. Many believe that Kody neglected his other three wives in favor of fulfilling Robyn’s needs, and this situation only worsened over time.

On Reddit, some viewers entertained the idea of introducing a new wife as a means to inject excitement into the show. It was suggested that such a development would undoubtedly provoke a reaction from Robyn.

One Redditor titled their post, “Kody to court new wives.” They expressed a desperate desire to watch a new season where Kody begins courting a younger wife, devoting time, financial resources, and even acquiring a million-dollar house for her. They envisioned a grand wedding, pregnancy, and an extravagant 11-day honeymoon. The post also pondered whether Robyn would maintain her positive and naive attitude towards the concerns of the other ex-wives, as she has throughout the seasons.

While it’s unlikely that TLC would pursue this idea, many other Redditors found it intriguing. One user jokingly commented, “Yep, let’s see Robyn experience that sacred loneliness for 11 days and observe how close to God she feels then 🙄.”

Another Redditor added, “Since K&R had a honeymoon that was 3-4 times longer than the rest of the 3OGs, I want him to take a month-long honeymoon with the new wife. Hahaha.”

Sister Wives fans are more interested in the ex-wives these days

Currently, it appears that the majority of Sister Wives fans would find a new spin-off more intriguing than a storyline centered around a new wife. Viewers seem to have grown tired of Kody and Robyn and are eager to explore the lives of the other wives instead.

Do you believe Kody and Robyn Brown will embrace another wife? What direction do you think Sister Wives will take in the future? Feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas in the comments section.

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