Kirsten Schoemaker and Julio Moya left a less-than-stellar impression on 90 Day Fiance viewers. As one of the franchise’s newest couples, their relationship had been tumultuous from the outset, leading many fans to doubt whether they would ever make it to the wedding aisle. Unfortunately, those doubts turned out to be well-founded. What fans didn’t anticipate, however, was Julio’s shocking behavior towards his girlfriend.

Julio had been concealing his plans to settle down in the Netherlands from his family, and when Kirsten suggested they move out together, he refused, swayed by emotional manipulation from his mother. Now, fans are rallying behind Kirsten, offering her unwavering support for making the difficult decision to end their relationship.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Shower Immense Support To Kirten After Breakup! 

Kirsten Schoemaker had envisioned a future with Julio in the Netherlands, willing to set aside their past issues in order to begin a new life together. However, their relationship took a sour turn when Julio started showing a lack of commitment.

Julio had been keeping his plans to move to Kirsten’s homeland a secret from his mother, leading to an emotional revelation that complicated matters further. Additionally, the 90 Day Fiance star began to hesitate and started persuading Kirsten to consider relocating to the United States instead.

Julio chose to end his relationship with the Dutch beauty through a video call, despite Kirsten’s reluctance to do so. This decision has left the fanbase quite upset with Julio for hurting his partner, even though many had already anticipated their breakup.

As reported by Monstersandcritics, 90 Day Fiance fans have rallied behind Kirsten, expressing their support and frustration with Julio on social media, including Instagram. One fan voiced the opinion that the TLC celebrity deserves much better and someone who is truly committed to her.

Another fan chimed in, saying, “You deserve so much better than Julio. He did you wrong. I don’t like that guy at all!” and complimented Kirsten as being awesome. Many others joined in, criticizing the American native for publicly embarrassing her on national television.

90 Day Fiance: Kirsten Calls Out Julio For Lying About Plans To Move Netherlands!

Kirsten and Julio’s relationship was marked by a significant lack of alignment when it came to their future plans, leading to ongoing conflicts. Julio initially promised his Dutch partner that he would move to the Netherlands to build a life together. However, he ultimately reneged on his promise and severed ties with his girlfriend.

Now, it seems that Kirsten has decided to reveal Julio’s dishonesty. The 90 Day Fiance star took to Instagram to share a screenshot of her ex-boyfriend’s interview, in which Julio claimed that he had only watched a few clips of 90 Day Fiance and that applying for the show was entirely Kirsten’s idea.

Kirsten Schoemaker took her efforts to expose Julio’s lies a step further. She highlighted a conversation in which Julio had mentioned, “She said, ‘It’s perfect, you’re moving here.'” He followed up by saying, “It was all of those things that made me think, why not?” Kirsten Schoemaker called out her ex-partner for these falsehoods and expressed her frustration when someone twists the truth.

Additionally, she asserted that the interview was based on a lie because it was Julio’s idea from the beginning to move to the Netherlands. Kirsten also claimed that she had never pressured Julio to relocate to her native country.

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