Brandan and Mary rose to fame as one of the most tumultuous couples in the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Their love story began through a dating app, and they endured years in a challenging long-distance relationship. Initially, fans criticized the couple for their overly possessive and obsessive behavior displayed on the show.

They maintained constant video calls, often argued over trivial matters, and exhibited signs of overattachment. Brandan, an American, has aspirations to marry Mary, who resides in the Philippines. The TLC stars finally had the opportunity to meet in person recently when Brandan made the journey from the US to reunite with his beloved Mary.

Now, it appears that the most childish couple on the show is taking another step in their relationship. What are they up to?

90 Day Fiance: Brandan & Mary Enter A New Stage In Their Relationship!

The newcomers on 90 Day Fiance, Brandan and Mary, garnered significant attention due to their frequent breakups and reconciliations. Fans frequently labeled them as the most juvenile and immature couple on the show. After enduring years in a long-distance relationship, Brandan made the journey to the Philippines to finally meet his beloved Mary in person.

Despite Mary’s grandfather’s strict rules regarding physical affection before marriage, it seems that the 90 Day Fiance stars may not have taken this advice to heart. A recent sneak peek of the latest episode unveiled a surprising development: Brandan and Mary are expecting a child. In the clip, Mary can be seen holding a pregnancy test kit and playfully revealing the results to Brandan. She jokingly quips, “Don’t worry, I wiped it,” before handing him the results.

The Filipino beauty candidly shared with the cameras that she had taken the pregnancy test the previous night, and the result was positive. Mary excitedly announced, “We’re having a baby now,” and they began cuddling in bed to celebrate. Later, the camera captured the moment from the previous night when she had discovered the positive result. She expressed her excitement at the time but decided to take another test in the morning to share the momentous news with her partner.

As Brandan processed the news, Mary inquired about his feelings, asking if he was happy about it. It’s worth noting that a fan page had previously shared the news of Mary’s pregnancy before this official reveal on the show.

90 Day Fiance: How Do Brandan & Mary Earn Money In Philippines?

Brandan DeNuccio carries the weight of a heart-wrenching past, and it took him a considerable amount of time to heal from the scars of his previous relationship. Eventually, he found love with Mary, who resides in the Philippines. However, their relationship was marred by mutual doubts and persistent conflicts related to trust issues.

Despite facing these challenges, Brandan has been diligently saving to purchase their dream home, funneling all of his hard-earned money toward this goal to provide a better future for both of them. His commitment to their shared future led him to visit her home country with very little money to his name. Now, it seems that the 90 Day Fiance star is left with nearly nothing as he pursues this dream.

Fans are left wondering how the couple is managing to survive in the Philippines given their financial situation. It seems that the TLC star has turned to social media platforms like TikTok to potentially generate some income. Additionally, they have adopted the practice of charging people for texting and communicating with them, akin to the services offered on platforms like Cameo. These strategies may help them financially as they navigate their challenges in the Philippines.

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