On Sunday night’s episode, Riley doubted Violet’s honesty from across the world, while Statler and Dempsey made a giant decision for their future

It’s the end of the road for the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days couples — and now, many of their relationships hang in the balance.

Sunday night’s episode of the hit TLC show saw couples question the state of their relationship as their time in person came to an end. For some, it was time to take the next steps toward a future together while others questioned honesty, truth, and longevity.

One couple even found out they were expecting a baby that was completely unplanned, especially after they seemed to break up. But the baby isn’t the only thing that may or may not be a total lie as these 90 Day individuals question: are they better in hot-button relationships or alone?

Here’s a roundup of where each couple landed as viewers prepare for what’s sure to be a shocking Tell-All next week.

Christian & Cleo

Cleo and Christian’s relationship has been anything but easy as he was in the U.K. for a few weeks. While the couple spent a lot of time finding their footing — be it in intimacy or respecting each other’s needs — their future is still uncertain. Cleo expressed concerns about what’s next for them as Christian packed his bags for America.

Christian acknowledged the pair have a lot to work through, including the need to “process and decompress from [some arguments] because some of the things that happened are kind of a little bit like a dent in our relationship.” He added, “I think that trust is an issue that we have to work on.”

For Cleo, the relationship “is kinda scarred,” with Christian’s tone.

There seems to be some semblance of a future, though, because Christian left Cleo with his favorite sweatshirt, which he promised to reclaim the next time he saw her. He also left on an awkward note, when he got into character and quoted Casablanca as they parted.

“Well, sweetheart, this is where I get off. Wish you were coming with me, but you’d better get on that plane and …” he trailed off. “I’m just kidding, that’s Casablanca.”

Riley & Violet

Riley and Violet are no more — at least until Violet drops a giant bomb. She’s pregnant, and it’s Riley’s. Though viewers didn’t see any shared hotel room time for the couple, Riley said Violet snuck back over after cameras left one evening, and the rest is history.

“I’m confused. I thought it was over,” he told the cameras. “And now, I could potentially be a dad. I don’t know how to navigate this at all.”

Riley isn’t sure about being a father, as it’s not something he planned for. In fact, it shouldn’t medically happen. Riley is on a medication that makes it nearly impossible for him to father a child, though he says “miracles do happen.”

Still, he’s starting to get suspicious that Violet may not be pregnant at all. The Vietnamese woman won’t go to the doctor Riley suggested, who can speak English — and therefore, translate her results to Riley. She’s also suddenly pushing for marriage — a 180 from her not letting Riley say “I love you” in person. “I want to be excited about this, but this whole baby thing is just not adding up,” Riley told the cameras. “I don’t want to get that emotionally attached based on the history of my relationship with Violet. I don’t even really know for sure if I was the only man she was seeing.”

Stalter & Dempsey

Sunday night’s episode opened with a near breakup for Statler and Dempsey but ended with their decision to move in together. The girlfriends are not on the same page about kids, something that’s really important to Dempsey. But it turns out that her relationship with Statler is important enough to put their differences aside and continue on their relationship.

Earlier in the season, Statler told Dempsey she wanted to move in with her. Dempsey thought it was too soon, and asked Statler to pump the breaks. Now that Statler is returning to America, though, Dempsey wants her closer. She asked the American to move in — and Statler said yes. “I’ve been thinking about it every day. Like, could I live with you? Could I spend my time with you? And I think that year, I could,” Dempsey said.

To the cameras, Dempsey explained the change of heart. “When Statler first got here, I didn’t want us to be rushing into things. But after all these, like, deep conversations, I feel that we bring out the best in each other,” she said. “This is the biggest leap of faith I’ve taken apart from when I left home when I was 18.”

Dempsey’s biggest concern now is keeping her lifestyle. She knows Statler wants changes, be it to her house or her work routine. Dempsey is willing to abide but doesn’t want to see everything change at once.

Meisha & Nicola

Viewers aren’t the only ones who probably didn’t expect to see Nicola on one knee. Meisha expressed pure shock on Sunday night’s episode when her long-distance boyfriend popped the question. Despite a season of disagreements on culture, respect, intimacy and a woman’s place in a marriage, Meisha said “yes” to Nicola’s proposal.

Nicola knelt in the middle of a walkway in Jerusalem to ask the question. “I am going to tell you something very important. You know that I love you so much, Meisha. We have known each other for many years. I was waiting for a woman like you. And I want to tell you something very important,” he said before kneeling. “I am asking you if you want to marry me.”

For Meisha, who had so many differences from her now-fiancé, it was a divine meeting. “I have been praying to God about this, and I realized that as quirky and odd as he is, ‘yes’ was the right thing to say because Nicola’s strength and his courage and how he has enlightened my life is something that I am sure I will never find again,” she told the cameras.

Nicola didn’t buy a ring ahead of time because he wanted to let Meisha in on the selection. So they headed to a jeweler where she got a beautiful diamond. What comes next for the couple is unclear, mainly because of Nicola’s hesitancy to move in. The ultra-Catholic man isn’t down with living in the same home until marriage, though that’s their only option when considering a K-1 visa. Meisha is waiting for the church to annul her past marriage — another roadblock on their way to the altar.

Amanda & Razvan 

It’s all good news for Amanda and Razvan, who nearly broke up earlier this season. Well, except for this part. Razvan was blunt about his feelings…which aren’t all great. “I love you so much, but you are my worst enemy,” Razvan told Amanda while considering if their relationship has a future. “In the end, I’m scared things will not work and things will not change.”

As their time together concluded, Amanda realized she’d found an incomparable love — even after the tragic death of her husband. In an effort to show Razvan what he means to her, Amanda handed the man a sweet love letter (and apology) during their last date night. It read, “You are my soul mate, my protector, my knight in shining armor. My one true love. I will do anything for you and us. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done.”

That was all Razvan needed to see the side of Amanda he fell in love with. “You can be very romantic. I didn’t see this trait of yours,” he said. The pair agreed to continue their relationship, and Amanda admitted she was finally ready for the next step. She invited Razvan to America for Thanksgiving, where he could meet her kids and family members — something he’s been waiting for.

Gino & Jasmine

There’s another hold-up for Gino and Jasmine. While attending an interview at the U.S. Embassy, Jasmine learned there was a problem with her visa application. She was unable to interview, and did not know when she’d be able to get approval — or even a meeting — about her pending immigration.

Jasmine FaceTimed Gino sobbing — and he answered with Panama-themed decor to celebrate, which didn’t go over well. Her frustrations about their distance boiled over. “I don’t know what the heck it means, but they’re going to find an excuse just for us not to be together,” Jasmine said in frustration.

For Jasmine, it’s a “constant fight” internally. “In my heart, I want to be with him in USA because I love him, you know? But in my mind, I am like just give up, just give up,” she told the cameras.

Don’t worry too much, though. Spoiler alert: Jasmine and Gino have officially been revealed as one of the couples on season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé, meaning Jasmine is moving to America once and for all.

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