The previous season of TLC’s “Unexpected” was marked by controversy, particularly involving Jason Korpi and his girlfriend, Kylen Smith. Initially, they seemed like an ordinary couple, but trouble arose during Kylen’s delivery of their baby when Jason became excessively controlling. He forbade her from receiving epidurals, leading many to claim that the show was depicting abuse. Now, a new theory has emerged online, suggesting that Jason also prohibited Kylen from wearing makeup.

Jason Korpi’s controversial behavior has continued even after the previous season of “Unexpected” concluded. In the final episodes, he displayed disrespectful and controlling tendencies towards his girlfriend during her labor. He prevented her from receiving pain relief and even pressured her to hasten the process. Jason’s behavior was so inappropriate that he was eventually kicked out of the hospital for mistreating the staff. Recently, a fan made an intriguing observation during the Tell All episode.

According to a Reddit post, all the young mothers on the show appeared glamorous during the special edition, except for Kylen, who sported a no-makeup look. This led the viewer to speculate that Jason may have forbidden her from wearing makeup based on his past domineering behavior. However, some fans cautioned against jumping to conclusions, suggesting that if Kylen chose to go makeup-free, it should be respected. But if Jason imposed this restriction, it would be problematic. Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm this news. Other castmates from “Unexpected” tried to support Kylen and encouraged her to leave Jason if he was disrespecting her. However, she insisted that they were happily in love and that nothing could be done.

Concerns about Jason’s behavior continued to linger, as he was seen as gaslighting his partner. However, Kylen chose not to be rescued, and her fellow castmates respected her decision. Fans have been wondering whether Kylen and Jason are still together. According to a TikTok post from February 2023, they confirmed that they are still in a relationship and co-parenting their baby boy, Xavier. Furthermore, IMDb’s Trivia section states that as of August 2023, Jason and Kylen are still going strong. However, it appears that the young couple has chosen not to continue as reality TV stars, likely due to the backlash and trolling they faced because of their problematic behavior during their debut on the show.

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