Seeking Sister Wife star Tosha Jones has provided an update for Season 5, addressing her followers and fans who are curious about the current status of her relationship with her husband, Sidian Jones. The couple had been actively searching for a second wife after their previous polygamous relationship fell apart. In Season 4, they introduced Arielle as a potential match, and things seemed promising as Sidian traveled to the Philippines to meet her in person.

However, Tosha recently revealed that Sidian and Arielle have decided to end their relationship, and they are no longer planning a future together. With their return to singlehood, it was expected that they would rejoin Seeking Sister Wife. However, Tosha took to TikTok to explain that they will not be appearing in Season 5, which is already in the filming stage. She mentioned that they would have been open to filming if given the opportunity but have now moved on to focus on their own lives.

Tosha’s announcement received mixed reactions from fans. Many expressed disappointment at their absence from the upcoming season, considering them to be one of the best couples on the show. Some fans speculated that their absence may be due to not currently being in a relationship. However, there were also comments about Tosha’s refreshed appearance, which she clarified was due to a filter.

While Tosha and Sidian will be missed by fans, it remains to be seen which couples or individuals will be featured in Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife. Viewers are eager to see who will join the cast and how their journeys will unfold.

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