Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath experiences a significant life transformation in the upcoming episode. During Tuesday’s episode, Moriah opens up about a major decision she wants to make, which comes as a surprise to both viewers and her father, Barry Plath. However, she asserts that she is ready for this next step. So, what exactly is the 21-year-old going through?

As TLC released a few preview clips prior to the new episode, viewers got a glimpse of what’s to come. In one clip, Olivia Plath’s sister, Lydia Meggs, joins the show, and the sisters have a conversation about their sexuality, admitting that they have both questioned their true preferences when it comes to relationships.

Another preview shows Micah and Barry bonding and working out together like “bros.”

Now, the focus shifts to 21-year-old Moriah.

In a preview for the upcoming episode, Moriah confronts her father, Barry Plath, and reveals that she has a significant desire. She says, “This is going to come as a shock, but I want to be baptized.”

Barry responds by asking if she has been contemplating this for a while and expresses his belief that it would be a positive step.

Moriah then confesses that she has been trying to live her life independently for the past few years. However, she now realizes that she can’t do it without Jesus.

In a confessional, she explains that she was baptized around the age of eight but admits that it was because her sisters were doing it and she thought it seemed “fun.” She acknowledges that she didn’t fully comprehend the significance of the decision at that time.

She admits, “God never felt real in my life until I hit rock bottom… until I realized I can’t do it alone.”

In a separate confessional, Barry expresses his happiness, stating, “I am so happy. Early on, we raised our children to love God and follow Him.”

He acknowledges that some of his children have taken different paths and haven’t closely followed God while growing up.

The Welcome to Plathville father adds that it’s “awesome to see” his daughter finding her way back to God.

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