Tammy Slaton, known for her appearance on the show 1000 Lb Sisters, has made significant progress in her weight loss journey over the past few months. She has lost over 400 pounds, equivalent to 28.6 stones, and has been dedicated to maintaining a healthier lifestyle following her life-changing Bariatric surgery. Eager to share her progress and struggles with her fans, Tammy regularly posts updates on social media.

In a recent upload, Tammy showcased her thinner face and sharper jawline. She experimented with a fun TikTok filter that accentuated her slimmed-down figure and defined cheeks. The clip featured a countdown that transformed her natural face into the filtered effect.

The filter added virtual makeup to Tammy’s face, featuring dark brown eyebrows, bright red lips, and electric blue eye color. In the video, she wore a green floral top and her favorite black sunflower-printed bandana around her neck. Tammy completed the look with her regular eyeglasses.

Despite Tammy expressing some dissatisfaction with the filter, jokingly stating in the caption, “Lol, I look like a guy with makeup on,” fans of 1000 Lb Sisters disagreed with her assessment.

The TikTok video garnered over 900 likes and received over 40,000 views. Tammy’s consistent progress and dedication have contributed to her growing popularity, as she continues to inspire others with her transformed physique.

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