When ‘90 Day Fiancé’ fans first met Kalani and Asuelu, many didn’t think they’d last. ‘90 Day Last Resort’ has proven that they were right.

There is rampant dysfunction bein shown on 90 Day Last Resort, but one of the more dysfunctional couples is Kalani and Asuelu. Asuelu cheats, then Kalani cheats back, and that is an extremely difficult place for a couple to come back from. It’s clear from Kalani’s body language and behaviors on the show that she is ready to end the relationship, even if she’s not ready to admit it.

Kalani and Asuelu’s story from the beginning to the present has been one that has essentially been doomed from the start. Kalani, who met Asuelu while on vacation in Samoa, lost her virginity to him during the trip, and came back to the States pregnant. Because of her religious beliefs, Kalani decided the best option was for the two of them to get married. Asuelu has an almost childlike quality to his personality: he’s goofy, funny, and doesn’t seem to take life too seriously. And in a situation like theirs, with a rushed marriage and a baby on the way, he needed to be a little more serious. And that is something that has continued to prove difficult for him. As a watcher, seeing Kalani’s reactions to him and his behavior, it was clear from the jump that their relationship and marriage was dead on arrival. And given the recent developments seen on 90 Day Last Resort, it’s time to put their relationship out of its misery.

Kalani and Asuelu’s Tit-for-Tat Infidelity

Episode one of 90 Day Last Resort was pretty eye-opening with regard to the status of their current relationship. At the end of the episode, viewers were given updates that crossed into the “too much information” category. First, there was the gross information regarding Asuleu’s infidelity. And it was gross, draw-dropping, and disgustingly gross. Kalani learned of Asuelu’s infidelity thanks to a face-time call while Asuelu was visiting Samoa. Asuelu was concerned about something going on inside his mouth, and upon looking at it, Kalani determined that it was a yeast infection, or, thrush. While there are a multitude of reasons as to why thrush occurs in the mouth, Kalani felt that Asuelu’s case came about due to him engaging in sexual acts outside their marriage. He insisted that he only kissed the woman, but given the severity of his thrush, Kalani felt that he had done more than kiss this woman on the lips. Needless to say, things in their marriage got much worse, and when Asuelu returned home, he offered her a terrible solution: a hall pass. Asuelu said that Kalani could go and kiss someone else so that they’d be even. Big mistake on Asuelu’s part.

Kalani met someone and began an emotional relationship with him, before kissing him. She shared that the kiss led to more, and that she had sex with him. Not only that, but she went on to reveal that she was still in contact with him. Asuelu was clearly devastated, but he did bring this about on himself. Hall passes never work in relationships between people who want monogamy, as they are not rooted in the initial foundation of their marriage, and when a hall pass is given due to a partner’s infidelity, there is bound to be an undercurrent of malice. There is a healthy way to have non-monogamous relationships, as there are many couples who have open relationships. Those couples, however, have rules that they follow and boundaries that they maintain. These boundaries and rules aren’t set after failed monogamy, they happen before. And even these couples can still have their own issues with infidelity if those boundaries are crossed and those rules are broken. Kalani and Asuelu were never in an open relationship, and they do not have the capacity to ever be in one. When Asuelu issued his hall pass out of guilt, he never could have imagined how badly it would backfire.

‘90 Day Last Resort’ Kalani Has Checked Out Of Her Marriage

Kalani went above and beyond in using her hall pass, as she not only had sex with him, but she continued to communicate with him after the fact. She was even still in contact with him after they arrived at the resort, only cutting off communications after Asuelu requested it. Despite the communication cut off, her feelings for the other man are still strong. This was most noticeable after the homework assignment both she and Asuelu were given by the sex therapist. Their assignment was to have some solo sexual exploration time. When discussing how her assignment went with some of the other ladies, viewers learned that she was not thinking about Asuelu while doing her homework — she was thinking of her other man. To make matters even worse for Asuelu, she had videos that she and the other guy made that she was using for her homework. Essentially, her husband had nothing to do with her personal pleasure, which is a massive problem for him.

Asuelu was Kalani’s first and only prior to the hall pass situation. Upon being with another man, she learned a lot about what pleasure felt like, and that she was not receiving it from her husband. And now, based on what’s happening in Last Resort, it’s clear that Kalani is disgusted by Asuelu. She wants nothing to do with him physically, and given how things are progressing in this short amount of time, that doesn’t seem like it will change. This other man seems to make Kalani happier than Asuelu. Her desire to see him in her fantasies combined with the disgust she feels for her actual husband shows that she has checked out of the relationship. This couple, even if they do manage to make it out of the resort still married, will not be together for much longer. They need to figure out a co-parenting plan and get on with their lives. Kalani and Asuelu both deserve partners on their mental levels, and it is not each other.

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