MilliAnna, this adorable 18-month-old girl, has astonished everyone by being born with two hair colors: white and black. She is the fourth person in her family to have a white streak of hair on her forehead. Her grandmother, mother, and aunt all have this unique hair coloration. Not only does she have the white streak, but she also has a distinctive birthmark on her forehead.

Most people who encounter the child pause and inquire about the unique birthmark and hair streak. MilliAnna’s mother mentioned that she takes great pride in it, as long as her daughter remains healthy and without any issues.

It’s known that the white hair is due to a condition called poliosis, a genetic disorder caused by a lack of pigmentation in the hair and skin.

In the field of medicine, the birthmark is also referred to as “Angel’s Kiss.” These birthmarks appear quite mysteriously, and indeed, science has not fully understood the precise underlying causes to this day.

Researchers have collected numerous types of skin marks from newborns worldwide. These birthmarks and hair colors have no impact on the baby’s health. The medical community considers them congenital marks and generally harmless.

By Mo Mo

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