In a now-deleted Instagram video, Matt and Amy Roloff were seen together with the help of Jacob’s wife, Isabel. The video, captured in screenshots by TV Shows Ace before its deletion, showcased Isabel explaining the difference between Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories to Matt and Amy.

Amy’s frequent presence on the Roloff Farms property during Pumpkin Season is not surprising to fans, considering her “financial interest” in the event according to one Reddit commenter. Although Amy no longer owns any of the property, fans noted that her association with the Roloff brand and the TV show likely played a role in her involvement.

Fans had mixed reactions to Amy’s presence at the farm. Some praised her for taking the time to interact with visitors and appreciated her dedication to Pumpkin Season despite her divorce from Matt. Others speculated on her motivations and questioned whether she was compensated for her work.

Overall, fans had varying opinions about Amy’s involvement, but many found it heartwarming that she devoted her time and energy to an event connected to her ex-husband’s property.

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