As avid fans tune in to Season 18 of Sister Wives, Christine Brown and David Woolley are immersed in planning their upcoming wedding. But what else is keeping this couple busy in their day-to-day lives?

Let’s delve into the latest update Christine shared while fans watched Sunday night’s episode.

Christine Brown is relieved to have found a new man in her life. Sister Wives followers are already aware of Christine’s wedding plans with David Woolley, and their relationship has captured the attention and support of many.

In the midst of a dramatic episode on Sunday night, Christine took to social media to provide an update on her relationship. It appears that the couple is happier than ever before. Christine has left Kody Brown in the past and has no intention of returning to him.

“I’m thrilled to be marrying @david__woolley. He cherishes our time together every day, treats my heart with care, and encourages me to be my true self. #grateful #soulmate #noplayinggames #loveofmylife,” Christine posted on Instagram, clearly taking a subtle jab at Kody Brown. She accompanied the post with a photo of herself and David enjoying time together on a boat.

Fans flooded the comments section with well wishes for Christine’s journey. After this week’s episode, it became evident that she could no longer continue her relationship with Kody.

One follower expressed their empathy for Janelle compared to the other wives, citing the stark contrast in living situations between Robyn and Janelle. The follower also expressed concern about how Kody treats his children. Watching Robyn and Meri discuss Christine as if she were solely responsible for the situation was infuriating. They commended Christine for leaving when she did, expressing relief.

“Yessss!!! So happy for you, Christine. May your union be filled with genuine love and pure happiness! Can’t wait to see what this new chapter brings you ❤️,” added another fan.

This week’s episode has left many fans feeling overwhelmed. Online, fans made it clear that they disliked how Meri and Robyn portrayed Christine, wrongly suggesting that she was monopolizing Kody’s time and attention.

Despite the toxic family dynamic, Christine’s fans are relieved to see her in a healthier and happier relationship. Many eagerly anticipate more details about her upcoming wedding, which is rumored to take place in mid-to-late October. It is highly likely that TLC will film the special day.

Are you delighted to witness Christine Brown’s contented life away from Kody?

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