Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown has addressed the rumors surrounding him taking a fifth wife. After the departures of three out of four of his wives, fans have been curious about whether he would continue living a plural lifestyle or for other reasons. Kody has now clarified his stance on the matter.

Kody was taken aback when his third wife, Christine, decided to leave the family. Despite his emotional distance and disengagement, he was surprised by her choice. Following Christine’s departure, his first and second wives, Meri and Janelle, also left him. This has left his fourth wife, Robyn, feeling that their family is shattered. Despite Robyn initially not desiring monogamy and wanting to live with multiple partners, she has become Kody’s favorite and now has his full attention.

Fans have wondered if Kody would consider taking on another wife to fulfill Robyn’s desires or to continue his accustomed plural lifestyle. In a clip from the early days of Sister Wives, Kody and Meri are together when Meri comments on another woman being “cute.” Kody notes the similarity to when Meri first noticed Robyn, giving him a sense of déjà vu. Meanwhile, the other wives express disbelief and Christine mentions that Meri is out of her mind. Although Christine must say she is happy with Robyn’s presence due to their proximity, the idea of a fifth wife is unimaginable to her. The wives jest that whenever Meri sees someone she wants to know, she immediately thinks of them as a potential sister wife. However, Kody is firm in his stance that he is content with the four wives he has and has no intention of bringing anyone else into the family.

Kody has faced criticism for not spending equal time with each wife, as was expected in their plural marriage arrangement. This disparity became more apparent when Robyn joined the family in 2010. Therefore, the idea of adding a fifth wife would be ill-advised. Kody has indicated that he has experienced polygamy and knows he is done with it. However, there is speculation about whether Robyn might issue an ultimatum, threatening to leave if he doesn’t reconsider. Whether this would be a dealbreaker remains uncertain.

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