“With her platinum hair and fair complexion, 8-year-old Nariyana from Siberia is often referred to as ‘Snow White’ in real life.”

The girl currently resides in Yakutia, Siberia.

Among all her relatives, both immediate and extended, Nariyana is the only one who possesses platinum hair and a fair complexion.

With her unique appearance, the little girl is nicknamed “Snow White of Siberia.”

“The girl is the most extraordinary person I have ever met,” photographer Vadim Rufov shared after collaborating with Nariyana on a photo shoot.

Despite receiving numerous modeling offers from various agencies, “Siberia’s Snow White” has yet to officially pursue a career in the field.

The girl’s mother mentioned that her daughter is very fond of photography.

However, the mother doesn’t want her child to start working at such a young age. “When she grows up, she will decide for herself,” the young mother candidly expressed.

Behind the camera lens, Nariyana is still a normal girl who enjoys playing pretend and dancing.

By Mo Mo

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