Welcome to Plathville fans are expressing their frustration with Moriah Plath’s portrayal as the victim in the ongoing drama. On online platforms, viewers are discussing Moriah’s behavior this season and questioning her decision to go against her brother Ethan and his wife, Olivia Plath. Some fans believe they have deciphered the motives behind her recent actions, leading to criticism for playing the victim.

The drama on Welcome to Plathville is escalating as Season 5 Episode 3 airs on TLC. Viewers have learned more about Moriah’s rift with Ethan and Olivia, stemming from Olivia’s accusation that Kim Plath misused Ethan’s credit card without repaying him. Consequently, Ethan and Olivia have sided against Kim, which prompted Moriah to abandon Olivia and Ethan unexpectedly, much to Ethan’s surprise.

Naturally, fans have taken sides, with some supporting Ethan and Olivia while others side with the rest of the family. As Moriah aligns herself with her parents again, some fans are now questioning her behavior.

Fans are growing tired of Moriah’s victim-like portrayal. Discussions on Reddit revolve around Moriah’s behavior this season and previous seasons. Fans are attempting to understand why she returned to her parents, having distanced herself from them earlier.

Many fans believe that she consistently assumes the victim role in various situations. Some speculate financial reasons behind her actions, while others think she has a tendency to take advantage of people and discard them when they can no longer assist her.

One fan expressed their observation, stating, “Moriah seems to have fallen into the pattern of playing up her victimhood to avoid responsibilities. She seems to be a taker, not a giver. Even when young, she wiggled out of her share of the chores.”

Others agreed, noting that Moriah has once again resorted to playing the victim. Another fan added, “Olivia and Ethan did so much for Moriah, and for Moriah to turn on them is probably really hurtful.”

Some fans suggested that Moriah should consider therapy, especially considering the unfolding drama. However, other Reddit users believe that Moriah’s behavior stems from emotional immaturity and a lack of understanding, rather than intentional harm. One user explained, “I think they’re all emotionally stunted, and Moriah truly doesn’t know better. No malice, just ignorance.”

Welcome to Plathville fans are eager to see how the situation unfolds throughout the season. Will Moriah reconcile with Ethan and Olivia, or is their relationship beyond repair? Only time will reveal the outcome.

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