Danielle Busby, star of TLC’s OutDaughtered, recently called out her husband Adam in a social media post. Danielle shared a text post on her Instagram Stories, expressing her frustration with Adam’s snoring. She sarcastically mentioned that she couldn’t wait to hop into bed, but she could hear Adam snoring all the way from the bathroom while brushing her teeth. Danielle seemed annoyed by the situation, mentioning that she originally thought it was one of their dogs snoring but realized it was Adam.

Fans of OutDaughtered have often criticized Adam and Danielle’s relationship, commenting on their apparent unhappiness and Danielle’s frequent annoyance with her husband. This recent post by Danielle throwing Adam under the bus garnered negative attention towards him. However, it is unclear whether this was a serious complaint or a lighthearted joke between the couple.

As of now, Danielle has not provided any updates or follow-up posts regarding Adam’s snoring. Adam, too, has not publicly acknowledged the post on his own Instagram page. It remains unknown how they addressed the situation privately or if it was simply a passing remark. It is possible that Danielle shared the post with the expectation that Adam would find it funny and not mind being called out in public.

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