Meri Brown, a star of Sister Wives, has been facing a complicated relationship with her husband, Kody Brown. Their marriage began to crumble in 2014, with Meri expressing her need for space. However, she didn’t anticipate that Kody would leave and not return. The situation worsened when Meri was catfished, shattering the trust between her and Kody. He openly stated that the incident was more than the final straw for him. Kody’s feelings regarding Meri have fluctuated, sometimes claiming he has no romantic interest in her and other times expressing a desire to court her. Throughout this confusing period, Meri openly admitted that they had not been intimate for over a decade.

One might wonder why Meri continues to hold on despite these circumstances. It appears that her reasons are both religious and her love for Robyn’s children. Earlier this year, Meri announced that she and Kody had separated. However, does she still harbor hope for a reconciliation? In a recent episode of Sister Wives, which aired on September 17th, Meri discussed the value of plural marriage.

While acknowledging the complexities of their relationships, Meri expressed her desire for the family to come together and improve their connections. She mentioned that she still saw value in the big picture of the family and wished they could all find a way to have good relationships. Meri’s comments suggest that she may be willing to stay and work on their marriage, even though she knows Kody has moved on. As she discussed her plans to move to Utah, she candidly stated that the only person who would care about her departure would be Robyn, emphasizing that Kody had no interest in her. It seems that Meri’s investment in the relationship has become one-sided.

Despite her emotional attachment to Kody, Meri physically left their Flagstaff home and relocated to Utah. Although she may continue to film for the show and travel back and forth, similar to Christine’s arrangement, Meri is aware that her marriage is over. The question remains: If Kody expressed a desire to reconcile, would she be willing to return?

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