In the new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, it is revealed that Lennie, Whitney Way Thore’s ex-boyfriend, had been hiding his dating life from her. Lennie and Whitney had a romantic relationship on the show and remained friends after their breakup, even working together as partners.

During a conversation, Whitney emotionally thanked Lennie for being there for her after her mother’s passing. She expressed her gratitude for his support and claimed he had been wonderful. Lennie assured her that he would always have her back.

Whitney then admitted to the cameras how great it felt to have Lennie around in the past couple of months, especially in a territory she had never navigated before. Trying to lighten the conversation, she jokingly mentioned owing him a lot of money and asked when was the last time he got laid. Lennie responded with a joke about the time, but then surprised Whitney by confirming that he had been seeing someone for the past two months.

Whitney was shocked and asked how he had managed to hide his new relationship despite being with her every day. The revelation left her astonished and questioning the dynamics of their friendship.

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