Little People, Big World (LPBW) star Matt Roloff has been teasing his followers with updates on the construction of his mansion, and it seems that things are finally coming together. Matt, known for his constant projects, has been working diligently on this personal endeavor while also preparing for the upcoming Pumpkin Season at Roloff Farms.

The mansion is being built for Matt and his fiancée, Caryn Chandler, who are planning to get married next year. While they haven’t revealed the exact completion date, constructing a custom home is no easy task. The house is being designed with various modifications to ensure accessibility for Matt. He has mentioned that the planning process alone took five years before breaking ground, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail involved.

Matt recently shared a progress photo of the mansion on his Instagram Stories, giving LPBW fans a glimpse of the beautiful work being done. The photo was taken at the perfect moment, capturing the reflection of the stunning pink sky in the new windows. The tall pine trees surrounding the property add to the picturesque view.

The mansion features impressive floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing ample natural light and offering breathtaking views. The exterior is made of wood, complementing the farm’s rustic ambiance. From the photo, it’s evident that an inviting outdoor space is being created, which will be perfect for entertaining guests. Additionally, a beautiful stone column can be seen near the porch, adding an elegant touch to the overall design.

LPBW fans are eagerly anticipating more updates from Matt as the construction of the mansion continues. The project holds great excitement, and followers are keen to see the final outcome. Stay tuned for more progress pictures as Matt shares his journey with his dedicated fan base.

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